Richard Palamidessi

General Manager of alicebydesign



Richard Palamidessi is General Manager for alicebydesign. He’s the guy behind the scenes managing the day to day activities working on lead generation, action plans, and account growth. Richard has over 25 years of experience in Sales, Engineering, and Marketing for the Electronics Industry. He graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a BSEE and has an MBA in International Business and Finance.

It’s no surprise that Richard has always been interested in electronics and everything related to personal computing. Growing up in the Silicon Valley he was influenced by his environment in various ways. His Uncle Aldo was an engineer, his Aunt Lillian worked at Dalmo Victor, a company in the early stages of experimentation and innovation in the fields of radio, television, and military electronics. His younger brother Michael used his degree in engineering to land a job at HP. And it didn’t hurt that his father dreamed of his son as being the next Steve Jobs.

At the core of his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed in the industry was his desire to solve problems. This emerged from his days in high school when he would visit the local Goodwill Store on his way home from school to buy an old TV. He couldn’t wait to get it home and tear it apart to see how it worked and use the parts to build new ones. Needless to say, the Palamidessi household always had a working TV to watch. The knowledge that he gained by tinkering with technology proved to be very valuable when he would later go on to design electronic systems for Apple, HP, Sharp, and Epson.

Later on in his career, as the semi conductor industry faced growth challenges, Richard did some soul searching to see how he could make further contributions to the high tech industry. Having worked at larger companies in the valley, he wanted to determine if his skills and knowledge could now be applied to a smaller entrepreneurial start-up. As luck would have it, he ran into Alice, who was looking to apply her skills and knowledge in a similar start-up fashion, and needed someone to help get a business off the ground. One thing led to another and alicebydesign was born. Richard loves being the engineer behind the business as he has always had visions of wearing a General Manager’s hat. His knack for analytics and piecing things together creates a great foundation for success.