Alice Palamidessi

Creative Director of alicebydesign

Alice Hlebo

Alice Palamidessi is the Creative Director of alicebydesign. A top rated graphic design and photography studio offering creative solutions to companies across all markets including: high tech, medical, retail, services, real estate, finance, and more. She brings more than 20 years of online and offline business experience to small start-up companies needing a basic logo design to large corporations requiring high-end collateral, photography, or web development.

Alice was born in Virginia and moved to the Florida Keys when she was eleven after the hectic pace of D.C. took a toll on her parents will. When she wasn’t diving off the docks into the inter coastal waterways of the Gulf of Mexico or assuming the role of first mate on the family’s 28 ft. Morgan sailboat, she was studying design and photography at Florida International University. Before graduation she attended an art/cultural study program based in Italy which really changed things for Alice. There was something about studying art in the hills of Tuscany that awoke the creative spirit within her. This experience played an important role in shaping her perspective on the creative process and how art and design play a critical role in the evolution of everything. Shortly after returning from Italy Alice moved to California to be closer to the art community. She got a job working for Dialog Information Services (a spin-off of Lockheed Corp.), splitting her time between graphic design and photography.

Her career really took off when a tiny electronic box called a Mac SE came on to the market. She was overcome with curiosity at how this modern marvel could give her the power to express her artistic vision to the world with just a few clicks of a mouse. Something that used to challenge her with a pencil and a piece of paper.

You will find a MacBook Pro, and a Canon 5D in her toolbox now as she continues to fulfill aggregate roles as creative director, designer, and photographer. She loves getting to know her customer and she takes every opportunity to learn about them and their business. Alice has earned her stripes in creative communications and is working on taking alicebydesign to the next level.