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Helping Breast Cancer Patients Retain Their Dignity

Radiant Wrap Designer GownsSAN JOSE, Calif., July 24, 2013 — Most people know that women with breast cancer endure a lot while undergoing humiliating radiation treatments. It’s a big blow to their self confidence as their dignity is taken away. So it’s good to know that there are companies out there that are trying to help retain some of that dignity and provide them with a sense of comfort. One such company is Radiant Wrap, a start-up company based in Silicon Valley, California who are breaking new ground in the form of hospital gowns. They are creating alternative chic designer gowns for breast cancer patients to wear during radiation treatment. The gowns are designed to flatter rather than humiliate. They make you feel comfortable not cold while the equipment does it’s job. This is empowering breast cancer patients to feel confident, secure, and even glamorous during the treatment process.

Recently, Radiant Wrap discovered that they needed to have more of a presence in the health care marketplace so they came to alicebydesign for help. They needed some way to properly promote their line of designer wraps on the Amazon website. Alicebydesign was delighted to support them in this endeavor and promptly went to work. When the project was completed, they had beautiful lifestyle images that showcased the wraps in fashionable style. The storefront is now ‘LIVE’ and is already gaining traction as they continue helping cancer patients gain back their dignity.

Check out the Radiant Wrap storefront at:


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